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They easily sliced and tore the enemies in two. The werewolves were slaughtered and torn to pieces. The werewolves were powerless against the overwhelming battle prowess of the psychoframes.


The air vent was the only detour that allowed passage to the first years. There was enough room for him to crawl through. However, it would be impossible to prevent the sound from bleeding out. If he were to crawl through this air vent, it was inviting the enemy to freely shoot him.


The roles were not the only important aspect, but personal skills were equally important. One could easily overcome the stamina penalty and advantages with personal skill.


Kuro watched the old man and Sergeant Red talk while drinking his orange juice. Soon, a soldier came with a military car. Kuro hopped into the car and returned to the second year complex.


He had no unique skills, and was a mere C+ Rank. If he was lucky, they would have given him a B- Rank. There had never been a youth of Ark that was transferred up into third year with such low psychic ranking. Han was the first.


The gymnasium contained many different exercise equipment and wooden weapons. Wei Chen and the remaining sergeants divided into groups to start today's class.

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"His ability to aim is extremely poor. He has trouble aiming and it takes quite a bit of time for him to begin shooting. It's using human weapons, but it's not fully accustomed to it yet. It doesn't have the ability to set up grenade booby traps neither. If it had such ability, we would have all died the moment we blindly opened the door. Unless it gets a lucky shot, it will have a difficult time to headshot us."


This was something that Laocha said to Han. Schwartz was a veteran first generation psyker. Han was a new transfer third year.


The squad required Kuro's strength in the near future for the battle, and so Han was taught only basic theory of the airbeats and left to his own devices.


Kuro cheered from the back. He had grown very tall. He was about a palms length taller than Han.


Alexander almost had a heart attack from Han's sudden outburst. The youth he sent to support Kuro was trying to do the opposite. Han was a youth who acted logically and sensibly. Therefore, he didn't think that Han would act in this way at all. This youth had never disappointed the instructors and sergeants, he was truly a model youth of Ark.


The ninth and thirteenth squad battle received all the attention. Everyone still treated the thirteenth squad with much hostility.


Children quickly adapt and improve. They were different to adults who had already matured. The most talented child may become a monster, and the least talented child may become the strongest soldier of the army.



They quickly learned basic military jargon and commands during this time. During afternoons, they were busy with psyker power training classes.



Han bit his lip so hard that it began to bleed. The werewolves encircled the squad, preparing themselves to attack at the same time.


Han was not standing at that place. Han had purposely made sounds like he was approaching the door, then silently backed tracked his steps before opening the door. Any Elu would be tricked with this degree of attention to detail.


Silence entered the hospital room. Silence saw Han and Sergeant Red talking and was going to leave, but Sergeant Red waved his hand for Silence to come in.

  • The grenade launcher made a light tink as the grenade was shot. The power of the explosion would be more than enough to kill everyone here.
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