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'Walking a tightrope would be easier than this. This is like trying to walk on a tightrope while strong winds blow sporadically.'


'I would only be in the way even if I rejoin them with the state my leg is in. It would be better to buy them more time by escaping into a different direction.'


Han spread out the palm of his hand. Han imaged himself catching the flying grenade with his telekinesis. Han briefly caught the grenade to change its flight direction.


"Let's allow him to form a new squad if he's able to recruit 4 members, which is including himself. We'll allow him to recruit one person from each squad into his own."


The squad's steps stopped at the corridor intersection. Everyone's breath stopped. They stood with their backs to one another and watched across a corridor each.


Canute nodded. Han had no worries when it came to Canute. Among Squad 13, Canute had good judgment and was one of the most brilliant among Squad 13's members. He was not the type to accidentally have a slip of tongue or be easily swayed by lies.

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The werewolf jumped over the barricade. At that moment, the spears bulleted out and pinned themselves into the werewolf's body.


When their bodies gave out, they needed the strong mental strength to stand up once again.


Sergeant Red unsheathed the sword that had been hidden on his back. It shined of ivory light. Ironically, the materials that saved humanity from dragons were the dragon bones and leathers itself. Humanity did not waste the dragons' corpses and made weapons and gear with them.


"If we are nit picking, you didn't break any rules. However, you should have been aware this would have become a controversy. The results are as such, you did not break any. Some drill instructors would praise you for finding such a loophole. However, we will not tolerate this a second time. Go and report this to your instructors."


Squad Victor continued to search the next level down using the same method as the first. Corpses were displayed in all sorts of dynamic ways throughout the floor.


"I am originally left handed. In the orphanage, I was taught to use my right hand."


'I can't think easily of Ark. Only the best of the best amongst the world's children are gathered here. A normal child like Kuro is considered very weak in this place. It's the other children who have such a strong mind who are out of place and strange in reality. In Ark, the unusual becomes normal and the usual becomes unusual. If one doesn't stand out, it's not possible to rise in rank.'



The spear pierced into the Elu's stomach, splattering blood onto Han's face. The Elu staggered backwards. It put pressure on its stomach wound and attempted to escape. It ran away like a wild animal.



Grace entered the research room and turned on the computer. She entered various data and it computed the various probable reasons of this incident and its probability.


"I like that side of Kuro. However, the Elus and werewolves will not allow it. There will come a time when Kuro must wield a weapon to attack his enemies. If he hesitates at an important moment, the result will be vastly different. It has been so in my own experiences."


In front of such an overwhelming weapon like the gun, there is no time to intervene with psychic powers.

  • Han glanced over all the student's faces. He didn't avoid their gazes and stood tall with pride.
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